Autism and Beer

Two of my favorite subjects (autism and beer) are coming together in a fundraising night for the ABA Support Network. It is being held at the Central City Pub in Surrey on the 8th of May.

ABA Pub Flyer_01ABA Pub Flyer

The Central City Pub has won numerous awards for their craft beers. My personal favorite is the Imperial IPA. For every bottle sold, $5 is being donated to the Canucks Autism Network and Autism Spectrum Disorders Canadian-American Research Consortium (ASD-CARC).

This promises to be a fun night for a good cause.


CAN Provincial Resource Centre

Is the cost of books, games, DVDs and other resources getting you down?

Did you know that the Canucks Autism Network runs an awesome Provincial Resource Centre that is free for CAN members (membership cost is $25 per year)?

They have over 600 items available for loan. The catalogue can be viewed online and items requested by email. They will mail you the item free of charge and also include a prepaid return envelope! The loan period is 3 weeks and you can renew for an additional 3 weeks.

Service Providers, caregivers and schools can also sign up for an individual membership ($10 per year) or a group membership ($25 per year).

These people rock! I would strongly encourage everyone to take out a membership. It’s worth every penny.


Canucks Autism Network

If you haven’t yet joined the Canucks Autism Network (CAN), now is the time. These people are dedicated to recreation, sports and just plain fun!

In the past month, my family and I have attended the Family Fun Day at Nat Bailey Stadium, bike lessons for my child and the Corn Maze fun day in Chilliwack. All of the staff members and volunteers turned themselves inside out trying to make these events as fun as possible. Every member of the family had a blast.

It’s refreshing to find an organization which is removed from politics and negativity.

CAN has quite a number of programs on the go including:

  • Biking
  • Soccer
  • Vocational Clubs
  • Social Clubs
  • Skating
  • Family Fun Days
  • Camps

It costs $25 per year to join CAN (which can be paid for by the Autism Funds Unit) and it is worth every penny. Keep in mind this is the cost for the family membership and everyone can participate in the Family Fun Days.

What you won’t find is ABA trained aides, but you will find people who are extremely dedicated and keen to learn about your child. If your child is severely challenged, the staff members and volunteers are only too anxious to learn how to interact with him/her.

A word of warning: The events do fill up quickly. Regular emails are sent from CAN listing their upcoming activities and the time that registration begins. Don’t be late to sign up or you will be disappointed.

Thanks again to all the staff and volunteers at CAN. My family and many others truly appreciate what you are doing.


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