The BC government has two respite programs, but they don’t fund them fully, leaving parents to fight for the scraps.

OK, so what do the programs look like?

Some programs may give the parents funding to arrange respite on their terms, while others allow for the child to enter foster care for a limited time. I will provide the links to the respite programs, but it is up to you and your individual circumstance to determine what is available and acceptable for your child.

The At Home Program generally applies only to children with severe disabilities; however children with Autism may qualify depending on their level of functioning. Normally a nurse will visit the home to determine the level of disability. There is nothing that says you can’t hire a relative to do respite for you.

Please note that the “At Home Program” and the “Direct Funded respite” are not mutually exclusive.  You may apply for both programs. The wait list for respite  is very long and I recommend that you get on the list as soon as possible.

What if you are turned down?

Good question. Are you going to take this from a bureaucrat or are you going to fight? You could call your MLA. We all know what a good job politicians have done for us, don’t we?

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

How much money can I get?

The At Home program is worth about $200 to $230 per month. I have no idea about the Direct Funded respite.

Any other resources?

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