Autism And The T2201 Guide

Are you thinking of applying for or renewing the Disability Tax Credit Certificate? If so, there is a new version of my Autism and the T2201 Guide released with some significant changes.

The T2201 – Disability Tax Credit Certificate has some major changes with respect to the Mental Functions portion of the form.

I really hate giving the Federal Government praise, but the changes are dramatic and make sense. No longer are narratives to describe the deficit in Mental Functions required and the categories have been expanded into a logical format.

It used to be that I recommended seeing a specialist to complete the form for your child, but with these changes it is now quite appropriate to take it to your family doctor. I still recommend that you go to a practitioner who has a history with your child and if that is a specialist then so be it.

As always, this is a do-it-yourself project. No accountants, lawyers, or so-called Disability Agencies are required.

4 thoughts on “Autism And The T2201 Guide”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you !! You have helped our family navigate through the system, over and over !

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