My 2021 RDSP Report Card

For 2021, my Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) has returned 11.8% and 8.5% over all years since I started tracking in 2013.

Once again, the account has done embarrassingly well. My intent is to demonstrate that anyone without the help of an advisor can easily achieve stellar results with very little effort.

The investments, which have not changed since I opened the account, are a balanced approach using the TD E-Funds and following the Canadian Couch Potato Portfolio.

The Future

The account has now grown large enough to consider simplifying the investments and lowering fees by switching to the ETF VBAL. The overall investment mix will remain about the same but the process will be easier by having a self-balancing, low fee investment product. More about that next time…

2 thoughts on “My 2021 RDSP Report Card”

  1. Hi milburn – just a question. Do I have to rare-apply for disability credit after 10 years. The cra seems to think so


  2. You have to apply before your eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit expires. If you don’t know when that is (and it is different for everyone) check your CRA My Account under benefits and credits.

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