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We all know that home owners are eligible to apply for the Basic Homeowner Grant, but many are not aware that they can also apply for the Additional Homeowners Grant if they have a disabled relative residing with them.

How do I apply?

A signed medical certificate (Form B) will have to be submitted to apply for the grant. A doctor will have to certify that physical assistance in the form of regular and extensive supervision or care is required for the disabled individual.

On Form B there is a question that asks; is remedial therapy available that would significantly lessen the disability? Those individuals doing ABA may be inclined to say yes to this question.  However, if this question is answered YES, you will not qualify for the grant. The General Interpretation Guidelines says; “the disability must be of a permanent nature and there must be no remedial therapy available to the individual which would significantly lessen the disability”.

How much is it worth?

This additional grant is worth up to $1,045 per year depending on where you live.

What if they say no?

Many families are turned down for the grant.

You can appeal the denial of a grant claim to the Grant Administrator within 60 days of receiving a Notice of Disentitlement and I would encourage you to do so. I wouldn’t let some bean counter get away with telling me that my child isn’t disabled.

If you are going to fight the good fight (and I hope you do), be aware that the physical assistance does not include therapy, training or respite support. It does however include assistance with bathing, personal hygiene, meal preparation/feeding and mobility.  I’m sure that many families can make this one fit.

Can this be claimed retroactively?

If this Additional Home Owner Grant is news to you, then you can apply for the Retroactive Home Owner Grant.


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