Summer Camps

Summer camp can be an enriching experience for some kids and a welcome break for parents.

You should investigate if the camp in question allows you to bring along an aide of your own choosing. Surprisingly many do not.

The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) also offers weekend camps and sporting events.


The AutismBC ABA Summer Camp

This has been a hugely successful summer day camp for kids in the Surrey area.  They are hoping to introduce the camp to more areas in the province and rumour has it that Comox is next on the list.  Visit the ASBC ABA Summer Camp website for more information. The AutismBC website also has a comprehensive list of other camps which may be suitable for kids on the spectrum.

Easter Seals Camps

BC Easter Seals Camps provide overnight summer camping experiences for children and teens with physical and/or mental disabilities throughout British Columbia.  We operate three accessible camp locations: Camp Shawnigan on Vancouver Island, Camp Squamish north of Vancouver, and Camp Winfield in the Okanagan Valley.   Every summer over 900 kids with disabilities come to camp to have the best week of their year.

I haven’t personally had experience with these camps, but maybe some of our readers will give us some feedback in the comments section.  For more information visit BC Easter Seals Camps

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