Supported Child Care

This is a MCFD funded program which is administered by local community agencies, such as the Child Development Centres. The Supported Child Development Program (SCDP) is intended for children who require extra support to be included in a child care setting because they have a developmental delay or disability in physical, cognitive, communicative or social/emotional/behavioural areas.

One example of the SCDP in action would be to have the parents pay for a preschool or child care costs and the SCDP provide funds for an aide to assist the child. The agency may provide an aide or allocate funds to the parents to hire an aide of their choice. The latter is obviously preferred as it then becomes easy to integrate the preschool with the child’s ABA therapy.

Please refer to my page about the Child Development Centres.

I would recommend that if your child is to attend preschool, that you retain as much control as possible. If the preschool is a SCDP preschool, then you would want your aide (directed by your consultant) to attend.

How much money can I get?

I have no idea. You can make your application through any of the Child Development Centres.  The funds are limited and the sooner you make your application the better.

Some parents have said that up to $1,000 per month is available if both parents are working. I would suggest during the assessment stage both parents should be working even if that means taking a job at McDonalds. Once the funding is in place, do whatever you wish.

One of the elements of this program is that funding varies from region to region. Some centres are accommodating and understanding, while others are less than helpful.

At what age is my child cut off from SCDP?

The program is intended to serve children from birth to age 12, with services for youth 13 – 19 years available in some communities. If your child is attending public school, that is not a reason to be cut off from SCDP funds.  If both parents are working and unable to attend to the child after school, then you should be able to get SCDP funds.

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