New Disability Tax Credit Documents

Two new documents are available on my website today.

The first is an updated “T2201 Guide” which explains how to apply for the Disability Tax Credit for children with autism. There have been numerous changes over the past year including a new form, an online application for the physician and an online tool to guide you prior to your doctor’s appointment. If you need to apply (or re-apply) for the Disability Tax Credit for your child, this document is a must read.

The second is a brand-new guide to maximizing your refund after getting Disability Tax Credit (DTC) approval. There are many misunderstandings about what can be claimed and back dated following DTC approval. This document will guide you through the process in an easy straight forward manner. The Post T2201 Guide can be downloaded directly or from my files page.

Happy Reading!

8 thoughts on “New Disability Tax Credit Documents”

  1. Your child may very well qualify. It depends more on the effects of Daily Living rather than the diagnosis. Please read my T2201 Guide which is available on my files page for more information.

  2. Hello Mil,
    My child has been diagnosed with autism but he has cerebral palsy too.
    What does it been in the guide line about “first time home buyer…”
    We had the house when he was born?

  3. Hi. There is a tax credit for first time home buyers ($5,000 which works out to a $750 refund). If a subsequent home is purchased for the benefit of someone who qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit, you may claim the Home Buyers Amount again (for as many times as you purchase a home for the benefit of this individual).

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