Organize your files

Paperwork organization is one of the most important aspects of running an ABA team and one of the most overlooked.

Firstly, your team members expect to be paid on time. If they don’t receive timely pay cheques, don’t expect them to stick around much longer.

Secondly, the receipts, invoices and time sheets that you collect will be used for reimbursement from the provincial government or credits from the Federal government. To not be able to submit your paperwork in a timely and accurate fashion means lost money!

Where do I start?

The first step is to create two folders for every given year.

  • One folder designated for the provincial government (remember this a funding year and not a calendar year; it is based on your child’s birthday) and,
  • One folder with every other receipt and time sheet for “ABA tutoring” which will be submitted to the Federal government (this folder is based on the calendar year which corresponds to the tax year).

Do not mix them up!

Fill the provincial file first until you have reached the $22,000 or $6,000 limit. Do not go over your limit!  Put the remaining invoices and receipts in the federal file (ensure that it’s for the correct calendar year labeled on this folder). Every year at tax time, pull this folder out and submit as medical expenses on your income tax form.

What about material costs?

Inside the Provincial government file, have an envelope for receipts for equipment and training. The goal is to reach the $4,400 or $1,200 limit. These receipts can’t be claimed on your income tax form, so you might as well use them here.

Every time you buy supplies, keep the receipt and write a brief description of the item if not specified. Remember to include all office supplies. You may also need to purchase such items as printers, paper, refills, computers, digital cameras, camcorder etc. Be creative!

Don’t blow your budget

Keep a separate sheet inside the provincial government folder with a running tally of receipts submitted. Don’t go over the $22,000 or $6,000 limit or you will be wasting those receipts.

Every few months, pull out the equipment receipts and type up a list. Have your consultant write a letter to justify the purchase of these items and submit it to the Autism Funds Processing Unit. Email the list to your consultant so he/she can cut and paste into the letter. Don’t pay them big bucks to tally your receipts!

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