Funding Autism Treatment In B.C.

This site is all about money and administration. I’m going to tell you about the financial side of things and how to run an effective ABA therapy team in BC.

An ABA therapy program for a child with autism is the best treatment protocol available at this time

The results can be dramatic or slow, but in the long run the effort is well worth it.

You would think that the government would fully fund science based therapy, but you would be wrong!  Support from the government is weak at best, leaving the parents to sort out the finances and administration of running an ABA Therapy team.

Where will the money come from?

There are pockets of money available, but not everyone knows how to access the funds.  What is the point of being a strong advocate for your children, if you aren’t aware of the funding options available in BC?

Is the author an accountant or financial planner?

No, I’m just a parent trying to navigate all the funding options for kids with autism. I spent years learning about sources of funding for ASD and how to run an ABA therapy program. Now it’s time to pass this information onto you.

I need your help!

To enhance the accuracy of this site please provide as much feedback (good or bad) as possible. I would be pleased to hear of your experiences and tips. My email address is

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