Team Scheduling

If you are a business type and you know how to use Outlook or any other scheduling tool, go away. You have nothing to learn on this page.

On the other hand, if you are a Joe Schmuck like most of us, you will quickly find out that the schedule will turn into a monster that will eat you alive.

What is the easy answer?

Google Calendar

This scheduling system is easy to understand and very flexible. It also has some features that can make life easier for you.

  • The updated schedule can be viewed online by anyone that you wish.
  • Editing privileges can be granted. For example, you can let the Lead Therapist schedule his/her sessions and overlaps.
  • Email reminders can be sent out.
  • Changes are easy and simple
  • It’s free!!!

How do I schedule team meetings?

This can be a royal pain. Getting all of your busy therapists to agree on a time and date is difficult to say the least.

Try the Doodle scheduling website. It allows individuals to vote online for available times and yes, it is free.

I would also suggest that setting a monthly (for older kids) and bi-monthly Team Meeting (for younger kids) at a consistent time is essential (but not possible in all cases, e.g., both parents work shift work).  Trying to schedule each meeting through email or month by month is stressful and not a good use of resources.  Most families I know won’t hire someone who can’t make the Team Meeting time; it’s just too much of a headache to reschedule and a Team Meeting is the most efficient way for the consultant to disseminate information to the team.

Another suggestion for “low tech” families is to designate someone (usually the lead or an experienced therapist) to do a monthly schedule each month and all changes should be sent to them.

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