Claim Private School Tuition as a Medical Expense

Did you know that school tuition may be claimed as a medical expense?

If your child qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit because of a mental or physical impairment and you need the equipment, facilities, or staff specially provided by that place for persons with the same type of impairments, you may claim the entire amount as a medical expense.

If your child does not qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, all is not lost. An appropriately qualified person may certify in writing the school is necessary for the reasons listed in the previous paragraph. The appropriately qualified person may be a medical practitioner, principal of the school or the head of the institution or other place.

10 thoughts on “Claim Private School Tuition as a Medical Expense”

  1. This is great info! Thanks again for providing us parents with these resources. Would you be able to connect me to any additional information? I’d like to be able to read up on the requirements.


  2. Just to clarify, the private school tuition can only be claimed as a tax deduction and is not reimbursable thru the autism funding. 😥

  3. I claim my ASD son’s private tuition as a charitable donation. Can i also claim as a federal medical expense?

    1. I’m thinking probably not. To claim it as a medical expense, you are admitting that it is not really a charitable donation.

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