My 2017 RDSP Report Card

Last year my Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) returned 8.2% and had an average rate of return of 7.9% since 2013.

Why is this important and why should you care?

The number of institutions offering the RDSP is rather limited.  Many of the banks that do offer the RDSP restrict the allowable investments to in-house products which either have very low yields or very high investment fees.

TD Direct Investing is one of the few banks which allow a self-directed account with few restrictions on the investment options.  I’m no investing genius, but I know enough that fees matter.  TD e series funds have a very low management fee and I follow the Canadian Couch Potato Balanced Portfolio recommendations.

I’m sure some of you investing geniuses can do much better, but if you are stuck with some lackluster products you may wish to consider this approach.

Read RDSP – Change of Financial Institution to see how I made the change.

2 thoughts on “My 2017 RDSP Report Card”

  1. Really appreciate all of the information you have compiled and the very helpful strategies and tips. We FINALLY received an ASD diagnosis for our son at the end of January (paid for privately but well worth it for the funding it has unlocked and services we can now access). I felt well informed and ready to get the paperwork done and meet with the social worker, advocate at the school and get all the services rolling. I knew from reading this site that I should act quickly with all of the paperwork and tonight I logged into the CRA and found out his Disability Tax Certificate was approved. Hurrah! I’ll be opening an RDSP soon and appreciate that you have already done the work of finding out that TD is the only self-directed investment option for the RDSP (we also like the Canadian Couch Potato Investor). Many thanks for your work here.

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