The Most Outrageous Consultants

Would you believe that some vulnerable clients are being charged up to $500 per month to be on Behaviour Consultant’s (BC) waitlists?  With no services delivered at all!

I thought I had heard it all, but now hearing of this has made my blood boil. How professionals could possibly take advantage of such vulnerable families (usually immigrant families with poor English skills) is beyond reprehensible.

Is it legal?

Sadly, yes. If a contract is signed and waiting fees are specified, then it is legal.

Is it ethical?

Unbelievably according to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) there is nothing about such fees that would trigger sanctioning of one of their members.

Is it right?

In my humble opinion this is disgraceful and unbecoming of a professional. Any Behaviour Consultant taking advantage of families like this should hang their heads in shame.

What Can You Do?

As a parent (especially one new to the world of autism) you need to get involved with other parents and learn what is  appropriate and what isn’t. I would recommend that you join the Autism Support Network Parent Facebook group.  It is a closed group that is only viewable by it’s members.  Parents can ask questions and quickly have them answered without worrying about what others may see online.

Knowledge is power. Please get involved.

2 thoughts on “The Most Outrageous Consultants”

  1. Can’t bill for services not provided… that is fraud and go see member of parliament. That would close that department down.

  2. Just coming from a behaviour analyst working in the field, I would frown upon this myself and I hang my head in shame for any colleague that thinks that this is ok to do!! I was appalled to hear of such practice. I do think that these families would have a case to bring to the autism funding unit if this was occurring, legal or not….they have not provided anything and should not be paid if they haven’t done any work!

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