Federal Budget 2016

I just finished reading through the 2016 Federal Budget and quite frankly they could have done better. I expected a little something for our disabled kids and unfortunately there is nothing positive.

What did we get? Nothing! In fact the government is actually reducing some of the benefits for our kids.

The Fitness Tax Credit and Arts Tax Credit will be cut in half for 2016 and eliminated for future years. Where this really hurts our kids is that we have been able to add $500 to the total as long as we spent $100. This was in recognition of the fact that our kids have high barriers to sports and arts program and frequently need supervision or training to participate. Now our kids are just like the others (as if!).

I’m disappointed with our new Prime Minister. Yes, the previous government definitely had its problems, but at least it was friendly towards persons with disabilities. Some of the enhancements on their watch included:

  • The Registered Disability Saving Plan (RDSP)
  • The Family Caregiver Amount
  • The Fitness Tax Credit with enhancements for disabilities
  • The Arts Tax Credit with enhancements for disabilities

I expected better from this government. Do they not care about the most vulnerable people in our society?

Are you annoyed? Let your local Federal Member of Parliament know about it.

Beyond that, Medicare for Autism Now (MFAN) has an initiative calling for ABA treatment to be universally accessible and covered under Medicare. This is a time sensitive issue and if you want your voice heard, go to their website and see how you can participate.


5 thoughts on “Federal Budget 2016”

  1. I’m against the position of Medicare for Autism NoW. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against funding evidence based interventions for children with disabilities, but the narrow scope of ABA as the only evidenced based intervention is what gets my knickers in a knot.

  2. The Canada Child Benefit will replace the current UCCB.CTTB/Fitness and Arts Credit and it appears all rolled into one, we will actually get quite a bit more per year than the previous programs. Lower income families benefit the most.

    1. That is true you will get more from this budget. My point was that every child will attract these benefits and not just those that are disabled.

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