Cineplex Movies

Cineplex Odeon in partnership with Autism Speaks have created a sensory friendly experience for the ASD community.

The screenings feature increased lighting levels, decreased volume and a designated calm area.

The price of admission for each person is the child admission price ($8.99).  Cineplex has also confirmed that you may use this special pricing in conjunction with the Access 2 Card. This card gives free (or discounted rate) entry to a support person.

Venues for the Access 2 card include 95% of the theaters in Canada and many recreational attractions in BC. The cost is $20 and is valid for 5 years.

The first showing of the Sensory Friendly movie is this Saturday (Feb 14) in Langley at 10:30 showing The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.

See you at the movies!

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