GST/HST Relief – Budget 2014

Our pleas and lobbying efforts have now paid off.  Behaviour Consultant services will finally be exempt from GST/HST according to the budget release notes.

Economic Action Plan 2014 proposes to expand health-related tax relief under the GST/HST and income tax systems to better reflect the health care needs of Canadians.

The Government is committed to ensuring that the tax system reflects the evolving nature of the health care system and the health care needs of Canadians. Economic Action Plan 2014 proposes measures that will expand health-related tax relief by:

  • Providing further tax recognition for costs associated with eligible specially designed medical therapies and training by:

    • Expanding the current GST/HST exemption for training that is specially designed to help individuals cope with a disorder or disability to also exempt services of designing such training, such as developing a training plan.
    • Including amounts paid for the design of an individualized therapy plan as an eligible expense for income tax purposes under the Medical Expense Tax Credit.

The exemption will be effective after budget day, but you can expect there to be a few delays as the government publishes a GST update information sheet and Behaviour Consultants take time to confer with their accountants.

As more information becomes available, I will publish further updates.

Finally, one small win for us!



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