Material Funding Secrets Revealed – Part 3

We know about material funding and why we want to use it.  Now we need to smooth the process.

Remember the basic steps:

If the item in question is on the ineligible list or you think you are likely to be turned down, make an initial request and wait for the rejection from the AFU clerk.  It’s only when you appeal the decision that it will go up the food chain to someone with more authority. The sooner you initially apply, the sooner you will be rejected and the sooner you can start the appeal process. Again this is a completely bizarre procedure, but here are a few things you can do on the appeal to smooth the way:

  • Have a professional (Behaviour Consultant and/or Doctor) write a letter justifying why your child needs this piece of equipment or supplies
  • Make sure your reasoning is sound and related to the autism program

To file an appeal simply write (or email) the AFU citing the rejection and outlining your reasons why it should be allowed. Cite any relevant research and include details you feel are appropriate.

The AFU stipulates that the reimbursement forms must be received within 6 months of the date of purchase to be considered.  It’s OK for them to drag their feet and delay payment, but heaven forbid you should save your paperwork and send it all in together for the entire funding year.

It’s very easy to completely lose track of your funding with all the forms, letters and receipts coming and going.  I highly recommend that you have a tracking system in place to see how much of your funding you have left.  Please don’t leave anything on the table.  Your tracking system could be a spreadsheet or simply a piece of paper. Whatever it is, make sure you use it every time.

If you have been turned down for an item and your friend had it approved, you might consider asking them (nicely!) if you can quote their experience to the AFU.

A few other points to consider:

  • The purchase date must be within the funding year (i.e. starting the month following your child’s birthday)
  • Send in original receipts and make copies for your records
  • Save at least a few months of receipts and send them in together to lessen the paperwork (keeping in mind that the reimbursement forms must be received within 6 months of the date of purchase)

That’s the end of the 3 part series on material funding.  We would all like to hear your experiences by posting in the comments section.  Anything that you can pass on would be greatly appreciated by other parents.

4 thoughts on “Material Funding Secrets Revealed – Part 3”

  1. Anyone who wishes to share their story and will share the copies of denial for jfe’s would help me change the ridiculous system. When a professional fills out and justifies legitimate purchases to aid a child’s development and then an overpaid paper pusher denies the item. I’ve had enough. I have a government meeting to address these issues and any paperwork to back up the parents concerns would definitely help prove our case for change. Please email
    I will do my best to create change so we are no longer blocked from getting our children the supplies they need from the funds allocated to do so.

    1. So, I filled out my own JFE and my pediatrician signed it. I emailed it to her, she signed it and emailed it back to me – in one day! I then uploaded said JFE to the portal and had an approval in one week. It is not necessary to pay a Behaviour Consultant anything. My pediatrician didn’t even charge me a document fee.

  2. Beside denials to reimburse for already justified expenses, it is ridiculous that the AFU will not pay for therapy supplies paid for in a previous funding period based on the child’s birthday. Parents purchase equipment and supplies in the moment when they are needed as the child can not postpone his autism and wait for the new funding period to start. The therapy must be consistent and ongoing.
    It is same as if we would have to wait for another prescription medication refill until our birthday and not when we need it for the treatment.
    Autism treatment is our health need and it should be charged to MSP.

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