Bend Over…The AFU does it again

A lot of people were excited that Direct Funding was returning albeit with many caveats such as:

  • Only for those kids 12 and up
  • Only for those who have been on invoice funding for 2 years
  • Only for those families who are organized enough to apply at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the funding year
  • Only for those who set up a separate bank account
  • Only for those people who are willing to submit to an audit several years after the funds have been disbursed. If you fail the audit you will have to repay the expenses.
  • Only for those who can hang on to all the original invoices and receipts and submit them after the funding year
  • Only AFU funds may be deposited into the account and funds may only be used for eligible expenses. If you have 67 cents left in your account at the end of the funding year, you are not allowed to top up the funds by 33 cents so you can buy a #&*%@! pencil. Instead the funds will be deducted from next years funding because you didn’t use them!

What really has my blood boiling is that they now require parents to pay a professional accountant to complete an “Account Confirmation Form”. As if we are not financially stretched enough, we now have to hire an accountant at God knows how many hundreds of dollars per hour to do this paperwork. This is on top of providing the original payment invoices and receipts to the AFU!

One thing is for sure. It’s not about the kids when it comes to the AFU!

6 thoughts on “Bend Over…The AFU does it again”

  1. We have just this July started receiving funding for our son. We are so very grateful to live in a country that actually allows our son to have one on one support for a number hours a week. It’s too bad about funds having to be spent on what may be felt to be an extra precaution. Hopefully this can be addressed and that our children get the ultimate benefit of the funding.

  2. I have two children under the spectrum over 12, I am just learning about the Direct Funding because the Pivot Point increased their fees due to “recent changes”, how does people find out about this changes???

  3. Help… I am going to bc government against legitimate Jfe’s being denied for my child. I know everyone out there has there own dispute around this … I hope you will back up the attempt at changing how those sitting in the chairs withhold our children’s funds by sending out a letter after a month telling us to read our parent handbook as they go on their paid break… Do you get a paid break? If you are willing to share your story and copies of the request and denials please send them to
    I promise to attempt to change the system, my child is only 5 so I have a long road ahead with them tying my hands…. Time to break free and use our children’s dollars for the best interest of the individual child! Thanks

    1. I’ve been rattling the cages down at the AFU for the past few years, since our son was diagnosed at 10.
      There’s a liaison to the minister for MCFD who is actually helpful.
      A specific email sent to the minister got me connected to her. Angel McIntyre.
      So far most accountants I’ve called have either referred me to a bookkeeper (not good enough for AFU) or declined the work because it’s such a small account. Typical

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