Direct Funding is Back (Sort of)

MCFD announced this morning that Direct Funding is back as an option, but only for those children aged 12 to 18.  The funding remains at $6,000 and won’t take effect until Sept 2013.

This should enable your child to benefit from a wider range of activities than he/she would be able to access using Invoice Funding. One of the requirements is that your child must have been on Invoice Funding for at least two years.  If your child has an autistic sibling over the age of six, they would both qualify for Direct Funding.

The administrative details will come later and I’m sure they will be as bizarre and unwieldy as Invoice Funding, but nonetheless it is a positive step forward. When they finally publish the details, you can be sure I will have more to say about it.

The link to the news release is below.

IB_Direct Payment_Autism Funding_March 12 2013_FNL

3 thoughts on “Direct Funding is Back (Sort of)”

  1. I am shaking my head in disbelief. Okay… so suppose I have a kid who is 18 and will receive the funding until her 19th birthday, and I have one who is 7. When the 19 year old is suddenly cured… I mean, turns 19, can the 7 year old stay on direct funding? Or does he then switch back to invoice?

    What possible logic could they have to make it 12 to 18?

    1. Good question. We have to wait and see what the new rules will be. As with most government programs, the procedures tend to arbitrary and not necessarily logical.

  2. What a mess… it only takes effect once your contract comes for renewal as of OCT1, 2013 not Sept 1. My son is an August born and we are now hooped for anouther full year of losing good therapists to other familys that can pay faster than us 😦

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