Welcome to the new “Autism Funding in BC” website

An unexpected announcement from Microsoft has forced me to republish my site with a different provider.  I used this as an opportunity to give the site a complete re-do. Some of the new features include:

  • A posting section (you could call it a blog) where viewer comments are welcome and will be published for all to see.  I hope people will take advantage of the opportunity to share stories and ideas. It will be used primarily to alert viewers to updates and changes in the site.
  • Viewers will now be able to follow any new posts by email and will be alerted to any new changes.
  • Buttons are provided to allow viewers to share pages with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • A search box will be available to look for content on the site

I hope you like the changes.

I welcome your comments and feedback.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new “Autism Funding in BC” website”

  1. Thanks Milburn! Such a wealth of info here, I shall be passing the new site along! Keep up the great work…

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